What is a Lip Lift ?

A Lip Lift is a procedure that elevates the position of the lip.  It provides a sexy, youthful and relaxed smile.  It is a fact that sensual lips make women very attractive.  Some are born with a long space above the upper lip. While others may acquire this look when they grow older.  This procedure is designed to shorten the space above the upper lip, regardless of age and gender.   If your lips are not full, you will also benefit from a lip lift.  Good candidates for this procedure experience the following:

  • Their teeth do not show when they smile
  • There is a long space between the nose and the vermillion (pink lip) border of the upper lip
  • Their lips are thin flat
  • They have a permanent frown

When we age, the soft tissue and fat of the face undergo atrophy and the skin falls.  An aged upper lip is characterized by a non-existent or very thin vermillion and a smile that does not show the teeth. A youthful upper lip is full and slightly pouting.  The length of space between the nose and the vermillion varies. For women usually ranges from 1.0 to 1.2 cm.  While men usually have a longer space ranging from 1.3cm to 1.5cm. A longer space is considered an excess.

Types of Lip Lift

  1. Bullhorn Lip Lift – Also known as Subnasal Lip Lift. It shortens the space between the upper lip and nostrils.  This will roll out the upper lip and expose the teeth more.  The Bullhorn tecnique refers to the shape of the incision: Two connected horizontal lines with upward edges under the base of the nose.
  2. Modified Upper Lip Lift – This procedure is similar the the Bullhorn.  In this version the incisions are deeper inside the nose’s mucosa.
  3. Italian Lip Lift – This is another version of the Bullhorn.  It uses two shorter incisions centered directly underneath the nostril.  And it avoids a long incision across the base of the nose.
  4. Corner Lip Lift – This procedure involves only the edges of the mouth.  It is designed for women that have a permanent frown.

Lip Lift vs Lip Augmentation

If you are thinking of fillers, keep in mind that the filler will push the lip out.  The filler will not lift it and you will get the so called “duck lips” instead. Fillers are used for lip augmentation. The long space between the base of the nose and the top of the lip can only be shortened with a Lip Lift.  Hyaluronic acid-containing dermal fillers can be used to plump up the lips. Depending on your specific case, the Cosmetic Surgeon will recommend what is best for you.  The goal is for you to have sensual, sexy and youthful lips.

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