The Mommy-Make-Over procedure has become very popular over the last years.  While it is not a one-size-fits-all, it can very well address many problem areas in one surgery session.   The key to a successful outcome is picking the right combination of procedures to rejuvenate and contour your body.  Your goal is to look younger and beautiful, and your cosmetic surgeon must be highly skilled and with many surgeries under his belt.  Making the right choice is essential to get the best results.

Mommy-Make-Over needs to be customized according to your expectations, lifestyle, and anatomy.  Candidates are women that have had pregnancies, breastfeeding, gained or lost weight.  If you want to get rid of the impact of motherhood in your body, this is the right procedure.  Mommy-Make-Over usually includes breast surgery, abdominoplasty, and liposuction.  However, it has evolved and can include implants and fat transfer, as well as other procedures such as torsoplasty, arm lift, and thigh lift.

The three priorities of this surgery are:

  • Removing excess skin and unwanted fat
  • Increasing breast volume
  • Addressing volume loss

Breast Surgery

Pregnancy and breastfeeding may cause the breasts to deflate, and can also stretch out the skin. Breast surgery can include a lift or a reduction, or maybe implants to restore the lost volume.  You can just stand in front of a mirror, with your arms by the sides as if standing to attention, and check if your nipples face forward.  If facing downwards, a breast lift is what you need.  Loose and drooping skin is a sign of weak tissue and a lift can restore your nipple to the center of the breast, creating a youthful look.  If according to your cosmetic surgeon, implants can be added to increase volume, then go for it !


Sagging skin or loose muscles are common in patients who have had children or gained and lost significant weight. An abdominoplasty or better known as “tummy tuck” can improve all these.   There most common are the mini, the regular, the extended, and the 360 procedures, which vary depending on the needs of every patient.  Your cosmetic surgeon will recommend the best for with the reasons why it will tackle the problem areas.  Your goal is to have a lifted and flat abdomen and a successful outcome will deliver a lean fit-looking contour.


Traditional liposuction is defined as a procedure that removes excess body fat. It uses a suction tube inserted through a small incision into the fat layer beneath the skin to remove excess fat.  However, it has evolved and now there is Laser-Assisted Liposuction which takes advantage of the power and technology with laser beams that liquefy the fat which is then sucked out of the area.  Another good option is the Ultrasound-Assisted Liposuction which can be administered either above the skin (with a special emitter) or below the surface of the skin (with an ultrasound cannula).

Recovery Time

You need to plan to stay 2 weeks away from home in order to fully recover after your surgery.  In the following months, your look will radically change, you will have more energy, confidence and self-esteem. will grow exponentially.  Remember that patients with the best outcomes are the ones who plan accordingly.  You will not be able to bend or lift normally for about 3-4 weeks.  Make your meals ahead of time, order in or, get someone to cook for you. If you have children, schedule childcare.

It will be worth it.

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