The Roman Baths

Turkey has always been the leader of thermal water resources.  The wonders of healing hot springs is legendary.  These water’s minerals can solve different kinds of health issues.  Centuries ago, the ancient empires, such as the Roman, Hittite, Byzantium, Greek and Otomman, knew that spring water was not just for washing and drinking.  The Hot Spring Water Therapy developed inside Roman public bath houses and was meant for relexation and regeneration.  These places were social life centers for men, while they were denied for women and slaves.

Mineral Thermal Water

There is scientific evidence of the curative effect of thermal water.  It started as rainwater and seeped through the Earth’s permeable rock layers.  Later on it is warmed due to the proximity to the hot interior of the Earth.  When water temperature reaches 20°C, it is called thermal water. O n its way into the depths of the Earth it accumulates minerals and trace-elements.  Such as sodium chloride, carbon dioxide, iodine, sulfur, iron, calcium, potassium, fluorine and magnesium.  Reason why it is considered as mineral thermal water.

Thermal Therapy

Thermal Therapy can be used for treatment of several diseases, for example:

  • Rheumatic diseases
  • Digestive system diseases
  • Metabolic obesity
  • Gout, kidney and ureter diseases
  • Skin diseases
  • Gynecologic diseases
  • Conditions arising from orthopedic surgery
  • Convalescence-associated diseases

Istanbul Medikal Termal

The amazing Istanbul Medikal Termal is located in the Asian part of Istanbul.  It features a termal hot tub and a pool with thermal water.  It also has a gym and spa that offers anti-aging treatments and regenerative medicine. Such as physiotherapy, peloidotherapy, electrotherapy and hydrotherapy treatments.   Orthopedic, Neurologic, Pediatric and Hand Rehab is also available.  There is also an excellent nutrition program.  This amazing resort also has incredible accommodations, so get ready and plan your vacation along with your cosmetic or dental surgery.

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