Every week our team prepares hundreds of firmquotes with surgeon assessments to our members wanting to travel overseas for cosmetic surgery and other treatments.  What might surprise you is how many requests we get for second opinions.

Here are the top 3 reasons why patients seek a second opinion.

1. I disagree with the assessment

Surgeons want great outcomes but sometimes their assessment can be more honest than some of us want to accept.  We might want a breast augmentation. A surgeon may instead recommend a breast reduction, and breast lift, saying you have a severe grade of lopsidedness that may or may not deliver a great result. Yikes! Not always easy to accept!  The reality is that unless you’re under 30, with no kids and in great shape, don’t be surprised if the assessment from a surgeon is a little frank and to the point.

Considerations: The surgeons we work with daily are truly gifted and artists in what they do. While many are extremely sensitive in their assessments, some are not.  In either case, all want to provide you with the best results! However, if you feel your assessment is not what you want, or expected you can always ask for a second opinion. 

2. It’s way too expensive – not as advertised

This is quite common often based on the surgeon’s assessment.  If you go in looking for a simple breast augmentation and the surgeon says differently this may dramatically affect the price and give you sticker shock.  When you see an advertised price, it is accurate but will be based on your suitability to match the correct procedure. Be realistic! If you’ve put on weight, lost a lot of weight, or had a few kiddies, you are generally not going to match the standard advertised price.

Considerations: Don’t put the price as your number one reason for making a decision.  We have multiple surgeons that offer extremely affordable pricing and some that don’t.  Many don’t advertise as they are always booked and therefore can afford to ask for the prices they do.  Others have a lower cost infrastructure in the country, or the exchange rate is extremely attractive and this provides you a variety of affordable options. In either case, if you feel your price is not what you wanted, or expected you can always ask for a second opinion. 

3. I want more procedures or a specific procedure in XXX (destination)

Most surgeons tend to offer the same type of procedures which is great and makes it much easier to shop around and compare.  Matching the right surgeon to your specific needs, however, requires some flexibility on your side.  We have surgeons that are great at big bodies and multiple procedures, but this is not available in all destinations.  There are also surgeons that are great at rhinoplasty (quite difficult procedure), penis enlargement, and gender transition but once again they are also in specific locations.

Considerations: Be flexible in your approach to medical travel. If you are looking for a specific procedure or want a lot of multiple procedures there are surgeons in specific destinations that are better suited for these. In either case, if you feel your assessment is not what you wanted, or expected you can always ask for a second opinion. 

As a medical tourist, you want to do your research and sometimes that may require a second opinion.  As we work with so many wonderful surgeons in so many great destinations, we offer complimentary second opinions to all GG members who have completed a Firmquote request.  So there is nothing for you to submit other than requesting a second opinion. As an additional incentive, you can also take advantage of our 5% discount or rebate program for additional savings. This is only offered by Moviestar Makeovers as a way to say thank you!

Let us know if you have any comments or feedback below.  You can also check out our FAQ/Knowledgebase and submit a question there.

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