Cosmetic Surgery Techniques, Technology & Implants

Cosmetic surgery is continously evolving.  Cutting-edge technology and robotics play a big role.  Body and face implants are usually part of the package when it comes to sculpt sexy and youthful bodies. Successful Cosmetic Surgeons are fully actualized in the latest surgery techniques. These advancements make possible for patients to go out of surgery with minimum bruising and inflammation. All these along with affordable pricing abroad, have brought up Cosmetic Surgery to a whole new level.

Non-Surgical Aesthetic Treatments (No Knife Procedures)

  • Smart Lipo – Smart Lipo uses laser energy to liquefy tissue before it is suctioned out.  The fat is easily removed and there is minimum trauma. This procedure is less invasive than traditional liposuction. It is recommended when a small liposuction is needed.
  • Hybrid Breast Augmentation – It is also known as Composite Breast Augmentation.  The Surgeon uses fat grafting and implants to enhance and customize the breast augmentation procedure.  Keep in mind that you will also need  a body liposuction in order to obtain the necessary fat to inject it in the breasts.
  • Endoscopic Facelift – This procedure tightens and reshapes the underlying facial muscles and tissues. The results provide a more youthful appearance.  It focuses on the upper and middle region of the face.  It is vey much recommended for frown lines between the eyes.
  • Non-Surgical 3D Hifu™ Facelift – This procedure basically targets brows and jowl lifting as well as wrinkle and nasolabial folds reduction. Its focus is to tighten the skin.  Results are impressive and can often be seen immediately after the treatment is performed
  • Ultrasonic Rhino Sculpture – This procedure uses a device that emits ultrasonic energy. With this technology, the Surgeon can easily reshape the nose.  They can narrow a nasal bridge and correct a deviated septum.  It minimizes damage to the cartilage and soft tissue with more precision, and guarantees less trauma.
  • Non-Surgical Vaginal Rejuvenation (NVR) – Laser and radiofrequency (RF) devices have been used in the last years for medical purposes.  Nowadays, there are specific ones adapted to treat the vulvovaginal area.  The most common are Laser CO2RE™ Intima; RF Protegé Intima™; and 3D Hifu™
  • Cryolipolysis or Fat Freezing – It is known by the brand CoolSculpting™.     This device promesses a non-surgical fat reduction, shedding fat with freezing.  Results have proven to be good but, they may take months to show.   And the procedure itself is unable to reshape the body nor sculpt it as Liposuction does.

Surgical vs. Non-Surgical Procedures

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Teleconsultation is one of the most powerful tools that we can use to connect you with your Surgeon abroad.  You can read much more about it in my article: How to be Ready for your Teleconsultation.  Once you have requested your firmquote, you will be offered a teleconsultation via zoom, meet, whatsapp or signal.  Depending on your specific case, it may be complimentary or it may have a cost.  It is fun and you will have the opportunity to address any concerns or doubts you may have.  Go for it !

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