Turkey is receiving international visitors with no entry restrictions.  This exotic country is famous for its warm hospitality and high quality service level.   It is a modern metrópolis which integrates the wonders of history and nature.  Turkey‘s historical sites carry the heritage of ancient empires.  And on the other hand, its healing thermal waters and pristine beaches makes it a unique destination.  They also offer a safe tourism program that exceeds the expectations or the most demanding travelers.

Hair, Beard and Moustache Restoration are cosmetic procedures on high demand.  Hair transplantation is a microsurgical procedure and minimally invasive. It is a permanent solution for people experiencing baldness (alopecia).  This procedure is ambulatory and you do not need to stay in a hospital. It is usually performed for men but it is also available for women.  There are many techniques available and here is an overview.

Hair Restoration Techniques

FUT -Follicular Unit Transplantation – Hair transplants done with this method were popular on the 90’s. The surgeon cuts a strip of skin from the back of the head and proceeds to extract individual hair follicles.  Then these follicles are inserted into the balding parts of the scalp.

FUE – Follicular Unit Extraction (via micromotors) – This is the gold standard of hair transplantation. It leaves no scars and the recovery time is short.   This method was introduced in 2005 and replaced the FUT technique.  The surgeon extracts individual hair follicles and moves them to another part of the body.  It is done with micropunches that leave behind almost no signs of extraction.

Artas™ Robotic FUE – This is an automated minimally invasive hair transplant procedure. The Artas Robotic System utilizes precision robotics and intelligent algorithms to perform the FUE. A robotic arm extracts and implants hair follicles into precise areas on the scalp. This method is FDA-approved for men with dark and straight hair.

DHI – Direct Hair Implantation – The extraction process of DHI is a modification of the FUE technique.  In DHI the transplantation process is not done manually.  They use Choi implanter pens that extract and implant at the same time.

Sapphire FUE It has proven to be more effective than other hair restoration procedure.  This is the latest and vanguard technique.  It uses blades made of sapphire which is a valuable and durable gemstones.  The incisions made with this sapphire tool heal faster.

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