Getting Rid of the “Bat Wings”

The Arm Lift is also known as Brachioplasty, and it is one of the most specialized surgeries to be performed.  If you are considering to have it done, you need a high skilled and very experienced surgeon.  The goal is to tighten the loose skin and remove excess fat from under your arms.  Usually because of major weight loss or aging, the so called bat wings can be created under the arms and extend to the elbows. Depending on your specific case, liposuction or radiofrequency may be also needed for better results.

However, it is important to consider the fact that in the worst scenario, you will have visible long scars from the armpits to the elbows.  On the best scenario, the incisions may be completely concealed within the armpits.  Depending on your specific case, your Surgeon will explain all about the incisions needed to be performed. And rest assured that he/she will be the most interested in minimizing scarring.  His/her goal is to achieve the best results and meet your expectations.

Types of Arm Lift

  • Standard Arm Lift – This surgery completely removes the bat wings. The incisions may extend from the axilla to the elbow.
  • Extended Arm Lift – Its goal is also to remove all the arm flab.  The incision is extended from the arm to the body to get rid of the saggy skin and fat that may be under the arm and chest wall.
  • Limited-Incision Arm Lift – When saggy skin is close to the armpit, it can be pulleed up and tucked into it.
  • Arm Liposuction – Depending on the elasticity of your skin, Arm Lipo can work for you.  And this procedure can also be used in combination with the Standard or Extended Arm Lift.  The incisions are very small.
  • Radiofrequency for Arms – This is a non-surgical procedure that can improve the contour of arms. It is used for skin tightening and has proven good results with sagging arms, lines and wrinkles.  Your surgeon will recommend it if needed.

Recovery Period

For your recovery period you may need someone to assist you.  You will need to avoid lifting your arms for the net 3-4 weeks after surgery.   And you may resume normal activity in 4-8 weeks.   However, exercise with arms and carrying heavy objects may be done after 8-10 weeks. If you are prepared to follow to the letter your post operatory recommendations by your Surgeon, then you are ready for your surgery.   You will be very pleased with the results. And you will love to wear short-sleeves !!

What is an Arm Lift by ASPS

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