One of the biggest “misconceptions” is that it is more expensive to go through Moviestar Makeovers than direct. The reality is that it is no more expensive to book through us than to go direct.  Often it is cheaper as we have few selected partners that we work with and have negotiated special pricing that we pass on to our clients.

The real reason why you should always travel with Moviestar Makeovers is because of the service. The price of surgery is the same or less than going direct. We have done all the homework and over the past 8 years know who the best surgeons, dentists and specialists are.  In fact the best surgeons don’t need to advertise as they are always busy. We have the clients, referrals and testimonials to back this up. You should never ever need to second guess your surgery results when you have a GG guarantee.

We also have dedicated service staff in each location that are employees.  Our service managers are responsible for your safety from the time you arrive till the time you leave and act as your “advocate”.
While some people will choose to go direct, there is absolutely no advantage as you will not get:
  • A dedicated GG consultant to manage the booking process and follow up with you when you return home
  • A dedicated service manager that is aware of all your needs and takes full responsibility for your safety and care while in the country
  • Help with all admission, including payment processing to the hospital
  • Transfers to and from your specialist appointments
  • Attend to any special needs you may have like pampering, dental, tours etc.

We did not gain our impecable reputation by taking shortcuts so if in doubt please feel free to ask us any questions.